Saturday, 22 August 2009

ok so the cake is a lie, but since youre here

This band's new single is starting to do the rounds, so now seems like a good time to put these up. As anticipated as the new material is, will they ever reach the dizzying heights that was their 2004 merchendise? *
99.9% of the merch, album artwork and website is handled by the band themselves, since they have a successful fine artist and graphic design degree amongst them, so it was pretty cool to have my stuff used and sold across the UK & US.
There's a third design which went onto a second t shirt, but since I was never hooked up with one of those, my lovely assistant wasn't able to model one for you. Anyhoo, here's the 'Shield' t and 'Crest' hoodie.

Friday, 21 August 2009

holiday snaps

Being on holiday and trying to find a decent postcard for a friend but failing miserably was enough to make me travel back to the 1970's and pick some up

First update in a month, lets make it a good one