Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Maidstone Take 2

Since this is a blog and more then just a photobucket page I thought I'd start writing a bit more to accompany the art/pictures/stupid yet awesome stuff i find. Yep just as the world goes twitter crazy with its one line status', I'm a good few years behind and will be boring the fuck out of you with a good ol fashioned blog. Luckily I've just woken up and cant think of too much to say, so today scrolling past my ramblings to the pictures wont take as long as it might in the future.

First up, since my last post I've been to Reading festival and back. I went in 2003 and 2004 but only for the day, and although at the time I thoroughly enjoyed my days out, turns out they were but a taster for the camping experience (having to leave midway through the Metallica set to catch my train didn't help.) Every band we saw were great, didn't leave any dissapointed, but the best times were to be had in and around our campsite. Im not sure the sheer genius of the rope trick will ever be recreated, needless to say I'm already thinking about next year and what I want to make sure happens again, what I'd do differently etc.
Not even losing my phone put a downer on the weekend (although later recieving the phone bill for £90 which included phone calls to Mexico and Columbia put a downer on the subsequent weekend.) Silver lining and all that though, because I've been having alot of fun with my new one. Firstly, not to sound like an out of touch grandad, but the quality of camera's being stuck in phones these days is insane, as my lovely assistant Poppy demonstrates.

And doesn't she look great folks?

It has a built in panoramic setting, which attempts to stitch a number of photos together. I say attempts because some of my favourite results are where it fucks up and looks great doing it.
So here's how I've been spending my first week back in Maidstone.

ps. stupid dog lololololol

Saturday, 22 August 2009

ok so the cake is a lie, but since youre here

This band's new single is starting to do the rounds, so now seems like a good time to put these up. As anticipated as the new material is, will they ever reach the dizzying heights that was their 2004 merchendise? *
99.9% of the merch, album artwork and website is handled by the band themselves, since they have a successful fine artist and graphic design degree amongst them, so it was pretty cool to have my stuff used and sold across the UK & US.
There's a third design which went onto a second t shirt, but since I was never hooked up with one of those, my lovely assistant wasn't able to model one for you. Anyhoo, here's the 'Shield' t and 'Crest' hoodie.

Friday, 21 August 2009

holiday snaps

Being on holiday and trying to find a decent postcard for a friend but failing miserably was enough to make me travel back to the 1970's and pick some up

First update in a month, lets make it a good one


Sunday, 12 July 2009

sketchy mcsketcherson

Now because I'm an illustration student, naturally I'll start off by posting some photography.

These arn't going up to show off my skills with a camera (or definite lack thereof) but for me they were more about capturing some of the Somerset landscape and whats going on around me day in day out, at times when usually over sleeping in bed or blowing my money on overpriced drinks in clubs at night.
I'm also gathering ideas for the summer project 'Journeys' and these landscapes are going to be play a part.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Today will go down in history

as the day I finally start my blog

also michael jackson died